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To my lovely ravers and raverettes (and of course anyone else who happens to stumble here) :)

Me at Beats n Bells (12/01)

Me at the Ocean '01


Me posing?

My friend Annette's kid Josiah and me

Sarah and I dancing at Planet New Year's ('02)

Me! (12/01)

My tatoo! Isn't it nice?

Me trying to battle my girl K!

Me before Super Duper

Me with my special brew before a party (4/01)


So, there's some pics of me! What do ya think? Well here's some 411 about me! (which I'm sure you've been just dying to know?!) I am 20 years old (only 6 months and two days til I'm 21 at the present time!) I live in a small ass town called Manteca, which is in Cali. It's not sooooooo bad here, but it could be better. A major plus is that it's only about an hour from the city (san fran) and hour from Yosemite so I can go camping, hiking, etc. Actually, it's just about an hour from everything! :) I go to school full time at night, at Delta College, I work full time during the day at a Property Managment company. I moved into my own apartment and feel all grown up. I'm trying to live large, but man is it hard when I'm paying my own bills! I got a two bed/two bath apartment all to myself. Definetly gets lonely at times, but hey....I get peace and quite when I want it!
I love to rave, club, anything that involves dancing. I take a dance class and I also help out there. I plan on opening my own dance shop as soon as I get my degree (in dance of course!) and THEN living large! In free time (like I know what that is!) I love to kick it with friends and just chill. Sleeping has become one of my favorite pastimes, just because of the fact that I get so little of it during the week! My parents are divorced. I was born in Okinowa Japan (and I swear if any of u ask me if I'm a citizien or if I speak english....) cause my pops is in the army. We lived in Germany for a while, texas, I dunno Lots of places. I ended up in cali, cause when they got divorced, in the very end, I ended up my moms. Geez, I think I filled all you peeps in enough huh? If not, feel free to hit my up, via email



Can you tell I love my Tat?